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Solar Systems not installed by Ipsun

Solar Systems not installed by Ipsun

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We are happy to check and maintain solar systems not installed by Ipsun.

We charge a one-time setup fee that includes a site visit with a full report after which your system is added to our monitoring platforms and you will receive monthly or quarterly reports.

Other maintenance items:

  • $150/first micro/optimizer replacement, $75 each one after (same visit)
  • Central Invert Replacement: $300
  • Deinstall/Reinstall: $150/panel
  • Solar Health Performance Report: $300
  • System Cleaning: $2,000
  • Home Energy Monitoring: $500 (for existing Enphase systems), $750 for Smappee

 Reach out to us for a custom quote: www.ipsunsolar.com/quote